Safety Tests

Depending on the density and heat of the smoke, it may take 2 to 10 minutes to pass out or die. Fire burns oxygen, so as a fire continues to be active, more oxygen gets removed from the room.

The smoke hood has passed some of the most stringent safety tests by a number of independent bodies. The Lifesaver Smoke Mask is guaranteed to work for the duration tested by providing vital minutes to evacuate any area affected by toxic smoke.

The Lifesaver Smoke Mask mask has passed the following international safety test for full peace of mind in an emergency situation.

  • Heat Resistance 30 Minutes at 450ºC.
  • CCl4 Breakthrough Time 26 Minutes. Tested by The Industrial Research Institute.
  • Saturated Adsorption Rate. Tested by Institute of Science & Technology Bureau.
  • Good Mark Award (Japan)
  • Certificate of Good Design (Taiwan)
  • Heat Resistance for 30 Minutes at 500ºC. Tested by The SMI Bureau (Taiwan)
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