The design is meant to be such that anyone can easily slip the hood on and immediately receive the full benefits of the product


Hood: Polyamide Film
Neck Strap: Elastic TPU material
Filters: Activated carbon filters
Gross weight (with package) = 58 g ± 3g
Net weight (without package) = 42 g ± 3g
Size when packed in foil package = 13cm W x 22.5cm L x 1cm D
Size when unfolded = 38cm W x 39.5cm L x 0.4cm D
Packaging: Vacuumed aluminum foil
Color: Hood – transparent orange, Neck Strap – black, Filters – black.
Shelf life – Five years (aluminium foil packaging unopened)


The transparent film can resist high temperature to 450 degrees Celsius, it is designed to fit the face completely, even with glasses, beard or long hair. The hood allows the user to retain a full 360° sight, talk and listen clearly when wearing the hood.

NASA graded high temperature resistance Polyamide Film

US UL 94 v-0 standard

Tested by Mark Examination Bureau

Neck Strap:

The neck strap made of fire resist material which also has an excellent elasticity and stretch. One size fits all adults, children and infant.

Fire resistance TPU material

US UL 94 v-0 standard

Gas Filter:

The 7-layered filter can stop and block the toxic gases in fire and is difficult to break through directly. The elaborate construction filter purifies the toxic particles in the air to breathable standards within its effective period.

Made from non-woven and activated carbon fibre

Filters more than 20 minutes of toxic smoke from fire Tested by the Industrial Research Institute

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